Explaining the Search for Happy Cities at Mundo 4.0 Smart City

In an event centered around “Returned to the Human Scale” and how we can improve the way people live in cities, Yobelo made their mark. One of the organization’s founders served as a presenter at Mundo 4.0 Smart City in Barcelona, Spain 2019 where he explained the company’s unique proposal and the innovative technological solutions that it uses to optimize peoples’ happiness in urban spaces.

The company’s presentation demonstrated that a smart city does not necessarily equal a happy city and laid out what the organization has done to optimize peoples’ satisfaction with the spaces in which they live. Studies show that there are 3 parameters that determine whether or not we are happy: where (and how) we grow up, our inner world (spirituality, personal philosophy, etc.), and our outer world (home, work, city, country). Maximizing satisfaction with our outer world is where Yobelo comes into play.

Yobelo’s founder laid out the company’s mission, which is to create a dataset upon which to build innovative solutions that evaluate urban environments, in turn helping to improve quality of life and boost happiness. Another focus of the presentation was the steps that the organization has taken to achieve this goal, highlighting the tools, such as Remote Sensing, wireless EEG for brain monitoring and Artificial Intelligence that the team employs in their quest to find the happiest cities.

As the event Mundo 4.0 Smart City demonstrated, smart cities are one of the latest trends in urban development. However, as their founder has shown, Yobelo goes one step further past smart, incorporating the latest technologies to maximize not only innovation but also happiness and satisfaction with one’s surroundings. Our organization has the capacity to find your best environment, your best home, and even your best route to work, bringing us one step closer to ensuring that everyone is happy with where they live.

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