Yobelo Selected to Speak at Open Talent, Demonstrating the Organization’s Potential to Change Lives

At Yobelo, we’re always looking for opportunities to spread our knowledge about how much where we live influences our happiness. Yobelo was selected to present in an Open Talent event on February 9, 2017. This presentation was one of the catalysts that aided in the process of developing Yobelo as a tool to change people’s lives and served to lay the groundwork for establishing the organization’s goals and vision.

Open Talent events are organized by the Polytechnical University of Catalunya and highlight industry leaders and innovators like Yobelo. Being selected to present and share the organization’s mission was a great honor for us, and audience members from a variety of impressive backgrounds and positions were in attendance, which was in fact one of the motivators that helped give life to what Yobelo is today. Attendees’ interest in the organization and potential collaboration demonstrated the potential that the company could have on a long-term basis.

In the demonstration, our team honed in on the importance of natural spaces in urban settings in relation to residents’ happiness, given the superior aesthetic value of green zones in relation to purely manmade features. However, the presentation really focused on Yobelo’s cutting-edge research. This innovative study analyzes complex geographical data utilizing smart technologies, neuroscience, and psychology to demonstrate qualitative results that have the potential to make cities happier for all of their residents.

While Yobelo participates in a variety of internationally renowned conferences and debates, the 2017 Open Talent presentation was a turning point for the organization. The event highlighted the company’s relevance in the industry and its potential to create meaningful partnerships and truly improve peoples’ lives by making their cities better places to live.

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