Making Happy Cities Even Happier

Even in times of COVID, important debates and colloquiums can still occur. By adapting to the new reality of social distancing, digital events are replacing what would normally be traditional conferences or gatherings. Nevertheless, these digital debates can result in incredibly interesting conversations, as was the case with the Zoom event that Yobelo participated in on October 29, 2020, an urban debate that centered around Charles Montgomery’s book Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design.

Club de Lecturas, a global community for lectures and debates in Spanish, organized the event, which attracted over 100 attendees, both from the private business and public government sector. Yobelo presented alongside the Happy City Consulting, Como crear historias, Dinamial Alatzas, WAS España and Fluentis, giving the organization’s perspective on happy cities and how people can find their ideal environments. In the presentation, our founder defined a happy city as “a city that can fulfill the necessities of its residents (economic, health, security, social), along with generating positive memories in the minds of those who reside there”.

He also highlighted that aside from fulfilling basic necessities, happy cities must generate an environment that gives a relief from stress, meaning that it should contain green spaces, fountains, outdoor activities, and more. But not all “stress-free” zones are made equal: there are both healthy and unhealthy green spaces, and this can be measured in a number of ways.

Yobelo’s satellite technology has the capacity to measure the health of a green space, analyzing the amount of grass and trees, along with the CO2 uptake capacity. These factors have an important impact on the effectiveness of green spaces, as the benefits that these zones have in peoples’ lives include providing beautiful views and lowering air pollution levels.

In this Zoom event, Yobelo’s founder took the debate about what a happy city is one step further. We all know that green spaces in urban areas can have a positive impact on residents, but we don’t often consider the importance that the quality of these spaces can have. Thanks to Yobelo’s innovative research, we can not only find our happiest cities but also make those cities the happiest they can possibly be.

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