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How Safe is Your Neighbourhood?

Feeling safe inside our homes is one of the most basic human needs. Without a sense of security, it’s difficult to truly enjoy time with family or even sleep well at night. It’s nearly as important to feel safe just outside our doors. Close-knit neighborhoods give us a sense of community, along with a space for evening walks and children’s play.

Whether you’re considering moving to a new neighborhood, or want to know more about where you currently live, a little research goes a long way. Our up-to-date Crime Heatmap can bring to light important facts about your neighborhood’s safety.

Main Advantages

Provide up-to-date information of crimes in local neighborhood to help people to see patterns and regular trouble spots

Advanced search options to specify the types of crime you’re interested in knowing about (burglary, assault, etc.) over a period of time.

Build a detailed understanding of crime patterns and help to plan safe routes, search for safe places to visit.

Support city design by integrating crime data to prevent crime through environmental design


How do we do it?

Collecting the Right Data

Crime reports published monthly by the police to see where serious crimes have been committed, to spot patterns and to identify regular trouble areas.

Making Data Ready for Use

Data collected and sent to a data server within a cloud system that processes the information and provides conclusions through our experts.

Mapping Crime Heatmap

We map the data and make it easier to read, providing the information and intuitive features that allow people to regularly check crime areas, and take the correct decision.

Did You Know?

  • Across the OECD (38 member countries) as a whole, 76% of men and 61% of women feel safe when walking alone at night in the area where they live. In the United Kingdom, 78% of people say that they feel safe walking alone at night, more than the OECD average of 68%.
  • There were over 6.43 million crime offences recorded in the United Kingdom in 2019/20, an increase of around 120 thousand offences when compared with the previous reporting year and the highest in the UK since 2003/04, when there were 6.56 million.
  • Across the EU, in 2018, about one in nine persons (11.5 %) perceived there had been crime, violence or vandalism in the area where they lived.

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