Urban Soundscape

How loud is your location? World Health Organization (WHO) identified environmental noise as the second-largest environmental health risk in Western Europe. Outside noise entering the home can have a serious impact on health and well-being. Whether you’ve got noisy neighbours or live near a busy area, noise pollution can increase stress and negatively affect your […]

Flood Risk Areas

Are you at risk of flooding? With around one in six homes in the UK at risk of flooding, the chances of buying a flood-prone property might be higher than you think. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) found that fewer than a third of house hunters research the flood risk of a property before […]

Radon Risk Level

Protect Yourself and Your Family from Radon Radon is a naturally occurring colourless, odourless, radioactive gas that can affect properties of all types, ages, locations and uses. It is formed by the radioactive decay of the small amounts of Uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soils. Radon is the second leading cause of […]

Sold House Prices & Location

What Is Your Property Worth? When you’re moving into a new home, you may not consider that there are potential risks and dangers in and around the land on which the house stands. If there are potential health risks or costly problems that aren’t visible at the property, you will want to know about these […]

Crime Heatmap

How Safe is Your Neighbourhood? Feeling safe inside our homes is one of the most basic human needs. Without a sense of security, it’s difficult to truly enjoy time with family or even sleep well at night. It’s nearly as important to feel safe just outside our doors. Close-knit neighborhoods give us a sense of […]

People Best Locations

How do you feel in your place? The social and physical environment matters for mental health and psychological wellbeing in human populations. We all want to be happy in the places we live, but how can we do this? It’s a complex issue involving many factors. While we cannot measure happiness in a strictly scientific […]

Urban Green Index

How green is your neighbourhood? Air pollution causes 7 million deaths worldwide every year and can have a devastating impact on the lives of people affected by respiratory illnesses. The health and wellbeing of people living in cities are greatly improved where natural green spaces are present in their neighbourhood. Green spaces have a strong […]